About Gothic Gems

At Gothic Gems, we ensure every appointment with us is memorable. Our team is highly skilled professionals with amazing creativity and impeccable attention to detail. We provide an array of tattoo and body piercing designs to give you body art you will love. Also, we personalized piercings and do small flash tattoos if customers can't come to us— we go to them to be convenient for our customers.

Our mission is to provide high-quality tattoo services in a safe and healthy environment. We understand that getting tattooed can be an uncomfortable experience, but our experienced team will ensure your comfort both before and during the tattoo process. We strive to ensure that you leave satisfied with a beautiful piece of art that will last forever! Our prices start from $30 and up for piercings; flash tattoos are $50 and up and depending on how many colors. Everyone is welcome at Gothic Gems, no matter what. Give us a call to make an appointment!